110 percent communications services



If your organization is typical of most small to medium-size charities in Canada, you have to multi-task to exist.

Which means that sometimes your communications donít always get the attention needed. Often you may be limited to simply keeping the website up to date, producing annual reports, and pushing out press releases or using social media releases to promote events. Thatís the nonprofit reality. Budgets are tight.

If you have dedicated developmental staff, theyíll likely do the heavy lifting when it comes to fundraising activities. If you depend on events to raise awareness and money, your communications strategy may include regular newsletters to keep donors and volunteers engaged and direct mail appeals for operating funds. You may even have explored applying for additional support from government, public or private foundations, or corporations.

Grant applications are challenging. Job one is to find funders that are willing to support your mission. Job two is to ensure you demonstrate how good a match your charity is for the fundersí objectives. Realize that not every application will be successful ó thereís a lot of competition out there. So itís important to keep your prospect pipeline full.

Tried that route but discouraged by lack of results? Maybe you need help to bullet-proof your applications. Of maybe youíre not approaching the right funders. If you donít currently have access to funding research tools, we can help you expand your prospect list.

Could use a hand!